The indexing project was launched in August of 2016, using the FamilySearch indexing app. We greatly appreciate the cooperation of FamilySearch and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in making the images and app available for us to use in this project.

Indexing of the US-Mexican War Pension Index Cards was completed in late November 2016, and arbitration was finished  in mid April 2017.  There were 52,000 images that were double-keyed independently by two different indexers, and then reviewed by another person.

Indexing of the  US-Mexican War Index and Service Records                 started in December 2016, and currently stands at about 85% completion.  There are 212,000  images in this part of the project. Arbitration has recently started on this project.

Indexing of the volunteer soldier records from the various states started in September 2016 and by early May 2017  19 states had been completed, right about 85%.

We greatly appreciate our indexing volunteers who have made this progress possible.