• Many of the U.S. Navy Home and Pacific Squadron ships had detachments of U.S. Marine Corps personnel aboard used as ship’s guards and as landing parties. They were under the direction of the captain of the ship to which they were assigned.  Marine detachments from Home Squadron ships were used as landing parties in the capture of Veracruz.  Marines under the command of Captain Alvin Edson, USMC, were used to capture and hold Tabasco. The town was garrisoned by a detachment of Marines commanded by Lieutenant William B. Slack, USMC.  During the capture of Monterrey, 85 Marines and more than 140 sailors from Cyane, Levant, and Savannah were landed and commanded by Captain William Mervine, USN. Seventeen Marines and 57 sailors from Dale were landed and captured La Paz in October 1847. Dale also captured Guayamas in November using 17 Marines and 50 sailors under the command of Lieutenant Thomas O. Selfridge, USN. Marines from Independence, Cyane, and Congress were tasked with garrisoning San Jose in November 1847
  • Battalion of Marines; March 1847. Attached to the 3rd Artillery Regiment for garrison duty near Veracruz.
  • Battalion of Marines; May 1847 – January 1848. Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Samuel E. Watson. Attached to Brigadier General John A. Quitman’s 4th Division consisting of volunteers from New York, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. Served at the Battle of Chapultepec September 13, 1847