We are indebted to Family Search for allowing us to use their indexing app for this project and for making the images of the records,  mostly from the National Archives, available to us online.

INDEXING of this project is nearly complete (curently 85%), but ARBITRATORS are needed.  In order to be given Arbitrator status, you must have indexed 4,000 images or 200 batches.  You may contact FamilySearch support to request a change in status if you qualify.

Install the FamilySearch Desktop Indexing App on your computer by clicking here:  Download Indexing.  If you are new to indexing, you may want to work through the tutorials and guidelines.

Open the desktop app, choose your role of INDEXER or ARBITRATOR, then click on DOWNLOAD BATCH.

The name of this project is US-Mexican War Index and Service Records.    Scroll down near the bottom to find this project.  It starts with “US-“,  not “US, ”

Choose the project, download your first image, open the batch, and go to PROJECT INSTRUCTIONS in the lower right hand corner.  Scroll down to the bottom and print out the “FIELD HELPS”.  They will explain exactly what goes in each field.  Nearer the top you will find “How to Index a Service Record”, which is a sample image color-coded with red boxes to show you where the information is located on the cards. Print that out, too, for easy reference.


Use the date of the MOST RECENT EVENT and the place associated with it, if any

Most routine bi-monthly muster rolls will not have place names on them.

Given Initial Final Event Event Event Event Military Descr of
Name Surname Rank Rank Place Month Day Year State Company Mil Unit
John W Binley Priv Austin Jul 16 1846 Texas Capt Harland’s B 1st Texas Mtd Vols
John Davis Priv Aug 30 1846 Vir Capt Austin’s 2nd Vir Arty
Meriwether Lewis 1st Lt Oct 1847 Tenn D 2nd Tenn Rifles

If you have any other questions as you go along, or any suggestions for improvements, please email me at for assistance.